What Happens if you Don’t Pay Off your Bondsman?

A bail bond agreement actually contains two agreements that apply to you. First, you will pay back your bondsman for your bail through a payment plan or automatic withdrawals. Second, you will attend all future court dates. If you do not meet these two conditions, you’re in breach of the bond agreement.

What happens if you’re in violation of your bond agreement in Texas? It’s not a situation you want to be in, but it’s worth understanding so you can avoid the consequences. Here are four consequences that arise if you fail to pay off your bail bond.

  • Accumulated fines: When you fail to show up for court hearings, any fines previously applied against you will continue to accumulate. Your bail bondsman, as your bail guarantor, is expected to pay these fines. Once they do, those fines will be added to what you already owe for bail. This just makes an expensive ordeal even more costly.
  • Collections: If you have assets or receive regular wages, a bail bondsman may take your account to collections. This will add fees in addition to what you already owe and the collection agency will apply interest. If you fail to communicate with the collection company, the bail bondsman can sue you and will likely secure a judgement. This can lead to wage and bank garnishments. Because bail bonds involve court fines, you will likely not be able to discharge this debt in bankruptcy. If you try to hire an attorney and defend against any lawsuits, you will pay attorney fees in addition to any judgments ruled against you. The costs keep racking up.
  • Re-arrest: If you violate your bond agreement in a big way, you could be re-arrested. Your bail bondsman will revoke bail and that activates an immediate warrant for your arrest. The bail gives you permission to be out on bond and if you do not meet those requirements, it’s back to jail for you, effective immediately. So, if you’re pulled over for running a stop light or a nonfunctioning tail light, for example, your warrant will show up on a search and you’ll be arrested on the spot.
  • Bounty hunters: It’s legal for bail bondsmen in Texas to hire bounty hunters. This individual tracks you down to either collect on your debt or send you back to jail. Unlike how the movies depict bounty hunters, this is not glamorous or fun and it will likely leave you feeling on-edge. Any freedom you enjoyed will be short-lived as you constantly look back, wondering if someone is trying to bring you back to jail.

Want to avoid these consequences? Meet your conditions, keep your payments current and if a sudden development makes a payment late, contact your bail bond service. Communication prevents many of these outcomes and we can work with you if your circumstances change!

Brazoria County Bail Bonds offers bail bond services in Angleton, TX. Call us today if you have Texas bail bond questions, including options for paying off your bail bond and avoiding these situations.

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