Bail Bonds 101

If you’ve lived your life on the straight and narrow, getting arrested can be a frightening and stressful experience—you probably have no idea what to expect, especially when it comes to bail bonds in Angleton, TX. Bail bonds can help you stay out of jail while awaiting trial, which is a more comfortable experience for most people. Here’s everything you need to know about the bail bond process.

What are bail bonds?

Bail bonds are a promise to the court that you’ll show up for your court dates, even if you’re out of jail. The defendant or their family puts up a certain amount of money or assets as collateral—about 10 percent of the total amount—and the bail bond company puts up the rest. If you don’t show up to your court date, the bail bond company will come after you for the total bond amount. Even if you do show up to all of your court dates, the 10 percent you signed over to the bail bonds company is theirs to keep, as a fee.

Who determines bail?

Every state has different rules about bail: whether they allow it, who is entitled to bail and in what amount. Typically, though, anyone who has been charged with a non-capital crime should be eligible for bail, unless state laws differ or extenuating circumstances apply.

Bail is usually set according to a state or county “schedule,” which predetermines a dollar amount based on the crime, previous convictions, flight risk and more. Sometimes, bail is completely up to a judge’s discretion. In certain cases, a defendant might be released on their own recognizance. That means they make a promise to the court that they’ll come to their court dates—no money required.

What happens if the defendant doesn’t show up to court?

Courts use bail to ensure the defendant will show up to all of their court dates without fail. If they miss a court date, the judge may choose to revoke bail and issue a bench warrant. This kind of warrant allows the police to arrest the defendant and hold them in jail until the trial. At this point, the court is entitled to keep the full bail bond amount. Your bail bonds company is also entitled to collect from whomever put up the bail amount.

In some areas or states, the court may allow a certain grace period, in which the defendant is returned to court and the money is returned to the bail bonds agent. Be sure to check with your bail bond company as to whether you’re still liable for the full amount in this event.

Getting a bail bond

If your loved one has been arrested, call a bail bonds company with as much information as possible: their full name, where they’re being held, their booking number and any other important facts. The bail bonds agent will guide you through the paperwork, and get your loved one released.

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