How to Be Supportive of a Loved One Who’s Been Arrested

If your loved one has been arrested, they are likely to be stressed, overwhelmed and frightened, especially if they don’t believe they deserved to be arrested. Whether you’re their first call or they’re hoping for support while they’re out on bail, there are a few things you can do to be helpful. Here’s how to help someone out on bail in Angleton, TX.

Before or during arrest

If you’re with your loved one while they’re being stopped by the police, the first thing to keep in mind is to be polite. You can and should confirm with the police whether your loved one is actually under arrest, and for what crime. Ask whether they have a warrant, and where your friend will be booked. Ask for the names of the arresting officers, as well as their badge numbers, if they’re willing to give them. Write this down or use your cell phone to take notes.

Finally, if you’re allowed to communicate with your loved one, let them know that you’ll call a bail bonds agent. Remind them that they’re not obligated to speak to the police, and that they should request a lawyer immediately. Do not speak to them about the incident on the phone—jailhouse calls are recorded.

Getting bail

If you’re the person who is responsible for helping your loved one get out on bail, keep in mind that you’ll be personally responsible for the bail amount if they don’t show up to court. Depending on the charges, this could be hundreds or hundreds of thousands of dollars—be very certain you can afford to lose the money if something goes wrong.

You will be required to put up 10 percent of the bail amount as the fee. This will not be returned to you, even if your friend shows up to every court hearing as required. If you don’t go through a bail bonds company, you will pay the bail amount directly to the court.

While out on bail

While your loved one is out on bail, you can be most helpful by making sure they have a way to get to all of their court dates. This might involve providing transportation or money for buses, cabs or other transit. If they don’t have any court-appropriate clothing, consider buying some or finding some to borrow.

You should also help your friend by keeping them on the straight and narrow as much as possible. Don’t do anything that even hints at illegality—any brush with the law will not help their case, even if they’re not re-arrested. Make sure they comply with all of their obligations—the court should provide documentation about what is required while awaiting trial.

Helping your loved one when they’re out on bail in Angleton, TX is an invaluable act of love and support. If you need assistance posting bail, reach out to Brazoria County Bail Bonds today to learn more about how we can help. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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