What to Do if a Friend or Family Member Gets Arrested

Hopefully you never find yourself in a situation where someone you care about gets arrested. But if you do, there are ways you can help out, including springing for bail bonds in TX.

It’s understandable to get emotional or overwhelmed in the face of such a situation. But here are some steps you can take to make sure you can resolve the issue smoothly and take care of your friend or loved one.

1. Stay calm

When communicating with law enforcement about the incident and your loved one’s situation, it’s crucial that you maintain a calm demeanor at all times. Stay calm and polite when asking the officer about the charges and the jail at which your friend is currently being held. Never attempt to argue with the police officer—this could potentially make things worse, and certainly will not help you.

2. Get in touch with your loved one

Your loved one will be allowed a phone call, and you may also be able to get in touch with them. If you speak on the phone, be careful of what you discuss—in many cases, these phone calls will be recorded. Do not discuss any details of the arrest on the phone—first, because this is something you should save for when you have an attorney present, and second, because it wastes crucial time, as your loved one likely only has a limited amount of time to talk on the phone.

Rambling about their case, or even admitting to wrongdoing, could significantly damage their case moving forward. Instead, focus on reassuring them you’re working to get them out quickly and remind them to remain calm and avoid discussing their case until they’ve retained an attorney.

3. Get in touch with a bondsman

After you’ve talked to your loved one, you’ll likely need to get in touch with a bail bondsman. Getting your loved one out of jail may take some time, even if you already have cash on hand. It’s best to get the process started as soon as possible with the help of a bail bondsman.

Bondsmen have access to information regular citizens do not, including the location of your loved one and the processes for getting them out. They’ll cover the bond for about 10 percent of the total bail amount. Then they’ll be able to post bond and collect your loved one from jail as quickly as possible.

4. Get an attorney

This is another process you should start as soon as you can, if possible before your loved one even gets out of jail. Make sure your friend or family member has a criminal defense attorney who can represent them in their case.

Keep in mind that under federal law, if they are unable to afford an attorney, they will be provided a public defender.

Want to learn more about the processes you should follow to cover bail bonds in TX and get your friend out of jail? Contact the team at Brazoria County Bail Bonds today to learn more and get the assistance you need.

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